Neuroscience with Dr. Laurel Trainor

With the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind Laboratory at McMaster University

Embarking on an exciting new path with the groundbreaking McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind Research Lab at McMaster University, the Afiara Quartet explores with Dr. Laurel Trainor’s award-winning team the effects of the quartet on the mind. During a conversation, have you ever wondered what the other person is really thinking? Whether they are really interested? Are they as moved as you are in telling the story? Armed with their instruments and tablets on their music stands, the Afiara explore whether they are having real dialogue with several test audiences in McMaster’s new concert hall; while measuring in real time the alpha power and EEG activities of an audience in McMaster’s new concert hall to exploring the differences in brain activity between live and taped performance, the Afiara hopes to learn what is working and what doesn’t.